My Camera Equipment

As one of my hobbies is photography I have slowly accumulated various cameras over the years. I thought that I would describe the camera equipment that I use to take photos. Most of my photos are published on my Flickr Account. I thought that I would also mention my cell phone a Samsung Galaxy S3, which has a decent camera. It is important because I always have it with me and takes a lot better pictures that my previous cell phone, which was a HTC EVO. I also have a work BlackBerry Bold with a good camera. I use DropBox and have both of them connected so that pictures that I take are automatically uploaded to my DropBox account.

Nikon D90
This is my latest DSLR camera and bought it when it seemed like my D50 was taking too long to write to memory. Here is my detail page on the D90 camera and specs. I bought this camera and equipment from Crutchfield in September of 2010. Along with the camera I got a Nikon AF-S 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 Lens, a Nikon ML-L3 Wireless remote control, a Nikon SB-900AF Speedlight Flash unit along with a camera bag and tripod. This camera along with the lens makes a great combination. The camera is fast and the lens is easy to zoom, with the built-in stabilization it is easy to take pictures without blurring the image. The lens range is great in that it covers the range that I normally need without the need to change lens.

Nikon D50
This camera was in a kit bought from Costco containing the camera body and two lenses. Here is my detail page on the D50 camera and specs.

Nikon Coolpix S9300
This is the latest point and shoot camera that I bought recently from Sams Club. Power and portability blend perfectly into the COOLPIX S9300. Photograph everything from the nightlife in Cancun to the vibrant details of a flower market with the S9300’s 18x wide-angle zoom. Create stunning low-light photos without a flash, thanks to its 16.0 megapixel CMOS sensor. Shoot with high-speed framing rates, and record Full HD (1080p) movies at the touch of a button. Plus, built-in GPS provides an accurate and detailed diary of where you’ve been! Here is my detail page on the S9300 Coolpix camera and specs.

Nikon Coolpix S550
I bough this camera because I wanted something that was small and easy to carry in my pocket. From that perspective it is great, however, I don’t like the camera because it doesn’t fit my hand and I tend to move the camera everytime I press the shutter release. Here is my detail page on the S550 Coolpix camera and specs.

Flip Camcorder
This is a Flip UltraHD III with Flip Port, a very small camcorder with 2 hours of record time. Simple and easy to use, not to many features does have zoom. Charges via the USB connector. Here is my detail page on the Flip Camcorder and specs.

Camera Accessories
Lens – Both of my Nikon cameras have interchangeable lens and

Older Equipment
I also have some older equipment that I no longer use. When I first switched to digital cameras I went with the Olympus line and started with the Olympus D-320 in 1997 and then upgraded to the Olympus D-720 in 2003. Prior to that I was using Pentax 35mm SLR equipment.

The only other camcorder that I have is a Panasonic PV-GS15 that had a lot of good features but for some reason I never used much. Part of the reason probably being that it was such a pain to transfer to the video to my PC so that I could manipulate it into the formats that I wanted.


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