It seems like everyone is using blatantly false headlines to grab peoples attention. I got an email from AARP with the featured story “There’s a Problem With the New Chip Credit Cards“. So I immediately read the article. Does it come out and say there is a problem? NO. Does it even imply that there is a problem with the cards? NO. Instead the article is that credit card fraud has not been reduced as much as expected. Mainly because so many merchants haven’t adapted to the new technology.

I eat at my local Cracker Barrel often and they have had chip readers for over a year and they still do not work. After about a year they finally inserted a plastic card into the chip reader that has “Please swipe your card”. That isn’t really the solution to the problem.

But enough of Chip cards, back to the Headline issue. For the past six to twelve months you have people on Facebook sharing articles with Headlines to grab your attention. Again you read the article and there is no substance in the article to even remotely support the headline. It has reached the point on Facebook that I have started blocking contain from pages. Along with that most of the time that I see a headline claiming something drastic, I just keep scrolling and don’t bother to read what I know is a slanted useless article.

Has Twitter converted out nation to where we only read a single sentence like the headline and do no investigation to see the facts. I don’t know how many articles I saw before the election with titles like “Once people see this Hilliary is done” and Once people see this Trump is finished”. It would be nice to find a location that you could get actual factual news.