Fairly new author Remmy Meggs has published his first book “Grapes of Rome: Legacy Volume 1” (“Grapes of Rome” on Amazon). I bough the book several months ago and just finally got around to reading the book. It is a fairly long book and I didn’t want to have stop  and wait days before I could continue. It is a good thing that I did because it was extremely hard to put down so I could go to sleep. There were a couple of places that were logical stopping places and I usually stopped at those. There were other places that I just had to continue reading.


The story is about 10 year old Dante who is the son of a nobleman and several years of his life as he grows into a man. There is great insight into what Dante thinks about his situations and some of the hard decisions he has to make. I am a person who never liked history in school, but this gives a great insight into ancient Rome before it became a world power. I learned quite a bit of history and actually enjoyed learning, this is more like history should be taught in schools.

There is a lot of plotting and treason by greedy politicians. Strangely not much different from politicians today, it seems as some things never change. There are several surprises in the book and one major one at the end that I was not expecting. Overall this is a very well written book that I enjoyed reading very much. After finishing the book on my Kindle app I gave it a 5 star rating on Amazon.

If you get a chance buy the book and enjoy. There is another book “Changes” being published almost immediately. While “Grapes of Rome” is about hundreds of years in the past, “Changes” is about the future. I have already ordered “Changes” and eagerly waiting for it to arrive.