Tom and I went to the Pittsburgh 4th of July fireworks display tonight and I took a few pictures. Uploaded them to my Flickr account here: The first several were of the Pittsburgh skyline while I was waiting for the fireworks to start. I didn’t edit any of the photos so some of them may be a little blurred, however they are what they are.

I stumbled and fell today when we went out for lunch. So I was in the wheelchair tonight to make it easier to get around. Most people are considerate of people in wheelchairs, however, some are so involved in themselves that they pay no attention to others. We found a fair place to watch the fireworks display where I thought that I could take decent pictures. Of course just before the fireworks started someone stood right in front of me blocking my view. At his point in time I was tired and not very tactful so I just hollered at them and told them to move, luckily they did. The good thing is someone came up to join them later and again stood right in front of me. Before I could say anything the person that I had previously hollered at grabbed their arm and moved them out of the way while telling them they were blocking my view.

I was kind of surprised in that some of the blurred ones make very interesting photos like this one.