Well I am another year older and a little closer to retirement. With corporate America seeming to only look at the bottom line and being mainly concerned with short term profits I tend to spend a lot more time thinking about retirement than previously. As I look back over the past year I guess that it has been a good year. I enjoy my job (except for bureaucratic BS, which seem to get more every month).

My mobility has greatly improved. Last year I had to use a walker or wheelchair to get around. Now I mostly just need a cane to keep my balance, however, still use both the walker or wheelchair if I am going to be up and doing a lot of walking. When shopping where I have a list and know what I want, I use my cane to get to a shopping cart and then use the shopping cart for a walker (they work just as well as a walker). When shopping where I am mostly just looking I tend to opt for the wheelchair. That way I can stop and look as much as I want. It is seems strange but even before the problem with the nerve damage standing was much worse for me than walking. That is still true when I am shopping and moving around everything is good, but if I spend a lot of time just standing and looking at an item my legs tend to start going numb.

Still doesn’t seem like I will ever be able to bowl again. Even though the mobility has gotten much better the balance has not improved much. Walking with a cane requires me to concentrate on my walking to make sure that I pick my right foot up so it doesn’t drag and to be sure that I place it where it needs to be. Bowling requires concentrating on your ball delivery. I am pretty sure that I can’t concentrate on walking and bowling at the same time. That means one of them will suffer. If it is the walking that suffers that means that I will fall down and that tends to hurt. A couple of months ago I was walking in the house with using the cane and lost my balance. Ended up stumbling, turning around and falling, in the process hit my head against a door jamb and ended up laying in the floor. It scared Tom more than me and he ran over to try and help me up. I had to get him to stop until I took inventory to see what was damaged. I got lucky in that I only had a knot on my head and a headache for a couple of days, nothing broken and no major bruising.

On a less positive note I have gotten to where I am tired a lot more than previous. My doctor thinks that I maybe slightly anemic which is causing the problem. My memory tends to be a lot worse, this means that I spend a lot more time making lists so that I will not forget what I am suppose to be doing. Sometime that works and sometime it doesn’t. I generally have things that I need to do in the evening after I get home from work. But it seems that after I get home and we go out to eat that I just don’t have the energy or motivation to get anything done. I had thought that it was mostly being tired from the stress of the work day. However, I have been off this week and still haven’t been able to motivate myself to get any work accomplished. So perhaps I can’t blame it on the stress of the job.