It is amazing the parents that take small children to buffets and let them wonder around and help themselves while the parents sit at tables eating and talking ignoring their children and the things that they do. Tonight Tom and I ate at a Chinese buffet. As I was going to the table there was a small child at the tray of cookies. While they were getting  their cookie that dropped the tongs on the floor. So what did they do? Of course they picked the tongs up off the floor and placed them back on the cookie tray.

Last night we were at the Golden Corral and now they not only have a chocolate waterfall they have three, The original chocolate, a white chocolate, and a caramel. Something else to attract the children. I was watching a small child at these and he was getting marshmallows to coat. Did he take the wooden sticks and pierce the marshmallow to place them on his plate? Not at all he simply picked them up with his hand, no big deal he didn’t touch any of the other marshmallows in the process. But it doesn’t stop there, after looking at them he didn’t like them so placed them back and picked up two different marshmallows.

Hardly a week goes by but what I see some child doing something at a buffet that is definitely unsanitary. It is nearly always a small child that should be accompanied by a parent but that is too much trouble for the parents evidently. Makes me want to have a pair of Google Glasses so that I will have a cam with me at all times to record these things that I see.