Friday before last (September 6th) Tom and I ate at the Golden Corral buffet restaurant as we usually do on Friday nights. Being in the wheelchair makes the table selection rather restrictive so we ended up sitting close to the soft serve ice cream machine. I had basically finished eating and was just sitting and watching people. I noticed this little girl probably around 6 to 8 years old that kept wondering around the dessert area. At first I thought she was interested in the cotton candy, but I think she was just bored and playing.

Eventually she ended up at the soft serve machine. There she pulled the levers and watched the ice cream come out. I thought at first that she was just seeing how it worked and would then get some ice cream. But no she was just playing. She let the chocolate cream go until it reached the bottom then she started playing with the other levers. At one point she was holding all three levers down and had three streams of ice cream reaching the bottom. Then she got bored with that and got a cone and filled it up, rather than eating the cone she just dumped it into the tray. While she was doing this I got my phone out and looked for the video recorder app but could not find it. Later remembered the app I was looking for was on my previous phone and not available for the current phone. Finally I realized that there is just a switch on the camera app to switch it to video mode, so the next time something like this happens I will be ready to post it to you tube.