There are a few things about Tom that I just don’t understand at all. One of them is his being jealous of what I have or am eating. We go to Bob Evans for breakfast at least once a week. And since I have been dieting I usually order a Western Omelet since it is close to the least fattening thing on the menu that I like for breakfast. If it is before 2pm then I order oatmeal instead of hash browns and after 2pm I order their lowfat strawberry yogurt. This means that when the entree comes out there is just an omelet on the plate, so I usually order some salsa to spice it up a little. The good thing about salsa is that with Weight Watchers it is zero points so doesn’t add anything to the meal point wise. As soon as I tell the waitress that I want salsa Tom will speak up and say that he also wants salsa, regardless of what he has ordered.

Tonight he wanted to go to Red Lobster, which I didn’t particularly want to go because it is hard to order healthy diet food there. However, we went and each ordered their 4 course special for $14.99. The four courses being salad, bowl of soup, small entree, and desert. When the food came out they brought the salad and soup on a tray like plate and mine had a package of crackers between the soup bowl and the salad bowl. I didn’t think anything about it as I wasn’t going to eat the crackers. Once we started eating Tom looked at my dish and said “I didn’t get any crackers”, so I naturally picked my package of crackers up and handed them to Tom. His reply was, that’s alright I don’t want any crackers anyway. To which I responded, if you didn’t want any crackers then why did you bring it up in the first place? He just looked at me kind of funny and didn’t replay.

People that are always complaining strike me as a little odd. Probably because one of my mom’s favorite sayings was “If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all.” Thus I really don’t understand complaining about not getting something that you didn’t want to start with.