I have spent some more time comparing Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal in the past several days. I still can’t say that one is definitely better than the other as they both have strengths and weakness.

Weight Watchers is much simpler to follow as you have a single number that you are tracking and trying to stay within for your daily goal. It has four divisions within the day that are Morning, Midday, Evening, and Anytime. You have no option for renaming these or adding additional areas. This means that a lot gets lumped into anytime and then when you go back to review your diary it is hard to tell exactly when you ate what. Their food database is smaller than MyFitnessPal but you are allowed to create your own foods and store them in a favorites area. That is where I have a lot of the items that I track. I went to various web sites to find the nutritional information entered the data into the Weight Watchers calculator to get the points plus value and then entered that information into my favorites. It takes a while to get your favorites built but then afterwards it is much easier to track. Note: You should not save meals in your favorites, but the individual components. If you add a meal to your tracking and then print the tracking it only shows the meal and not what it contains. Thus for printed records, tracking the individual items are better.

With MyFitnessPal there are six slots to track your daily foods and you can change the names to closer fit the way that you actually eat. This makes it easier to go back and review your diary and see when you ate something. Their food database is much larger, mainly because when you find something that is not in the database (which doesn’t happen very often) you can look up the nutritional information and add the item to the database so others can use your information. MyFitnessPal is a little more complicated in that there are up to six categories you are tracking for your daily goals each day those are Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein, Fiber for me.  The fact that you have to look at multiple categories when deciding what to eat makes choosing a menu option in a restaurant harder as it takes more time. However, if you are diabetic, like I am, it is better because you are tracking Carbs and that is important for diabetics. I installed the MyFitnessPal app on my smart phone last night but have not used it much. I will make comments about that later after I have used it a little more.

Right now I find MyFitnessPlus better for tracking foods as they have a larger database and more slots to place your meals and snacks. I find Weight Watchers better for making good choices in a restaurant where you need to quickly decide between several menu choices. I learned that you cannot just guess what is a healthy choice once when I picked a sandwich that I thought was a healthy choice, then when I looked up the nutritional information on the restaurant web site I had blown over half my days allotment on a single sandwich that I thought was a healthy choice.

I have spent some time in the past two days by going back and looking at my food diaries and now know that I need to add more notes to each days diary. Weight Watchers only allows you to go back sixty days so I have been using the print function in the Chrome browser to save the days diary as a PDF document. Then I can go back as far as I need to when looking for information or trying to correlate my weight loss to eating habits.