The lab work that my doctor ordered shows that I still have an infection. Therefore my doctor is concerned that the bone in my right toe may be infected and ordered a bone scan. I had no idea what a bone scan was or what it involved. Sounded like a X-ray to me. So I stopped by the hospital one morning to get it done and was told, “Oh, that has to be scheduled” so they dialed a number and I scheduled an appointment.

I still had no idea what all was involved so I went to the hospital this morning to get the scan done, expecting to be there about 20 to 30 minutes. That is when I found out that the bone scan is done with a machine that looks similar to a MRI machine but isn’t. I know since I ask because with the pacemaker I am not allowed to have an MRI done. The technician explains the process in that I will lie on the bed and they will take some imaging of my feet. While they are doing this they will inject some type of dye into my blood stream and then I will have to come back in three hours to have another set of images done. Not too bad, it takes about 20 minutes to do the imaging once I am positioned on the bed (or table).

Then I go get my hair and beard trimmed. Go have lunch and it is back to the hospital again. This time they ask me about cancer and I told them that I had prostate cancer whereon they informed me because of that they would have to do a full body scan and not just the feet. Since it is a full body scan I have to take everything out of my pockets, take my glasses off and remove my suspenders. Then they proceed to do the full body scan that takes about 30 minutes

After the technician looks at the pictures he informs me that I was too high on the table and need to slide down some so that they can get all of my head in the scan. I re-position on the table and they do a scan of just the head, another 5 minutes or so. Now they need to do two more scans of just the feet. The technician talks to me about where the problem area is suspected and decides that they will have to do another scan, thus three more. He positions my feet and does the scan. Then he puts something between my feet to hold them in a some special position and puts tape around them to hold them in that position. Another scan is then done.

Finally he has me bend my knees up and place my feet flat on the table. Takes his tape and puts it around my knees to hold them together so I want be strained in that position and does the final scan. All together the last time took close to and hour and a half. During which time everything has started hurting from laying on a hard bed and trying not to move, because I sure did not want to have to repeat the process.

I have a doctor’s appointment next Tuesday so I should find out the results then.