Since I changed jobs the first of October I spend a lot of time on the telephone on conference calls. It is a little hard talking on the phone and typing on the computer at the same time. So I requested a telephone headset at work. My new boss approved it and the communications people in the building ordered what they use. They placed the order with HelloDirect and it was a Jabra GN9125 wireless headset. I was not expecting a wireless headset but it is very nice. I had to call a co-worker so that we could adjust the volume so that he could hear me with no problem. It makes spending an hour on the phone during a conference call so much better. I don’t have to worry about move around so much that I jerk a cord.

In fact I like it so much that I decided to get one for the house as well since I often work from home and am on the phone a lot during that time. I have been using the speaker phone on a portable phone at home. It works decent but the battery life is only around an hour and there have been a couple of times that the battery died while I was on the phone. The other problem with the speaker phone is that people on the other end have a harder time hearing me. I also ordered from HelloDirect as I have ordered from them before and always received excellent service. I went with a slightly different model. I went with the Jabra GN9350e with GN1000 handset lifter. This model interfaces with a standard telephone and also a PC. Thus it works with my land line and with Skype. Because the phone that I was presently using only has wireless portable phones there was no way to hook it to the Jabra. So I also ordered a Panasonic KX-TS620B single line phone. It took several hours to get everything rearranged on my desk so that I could get it all installed, but the end result is that it works much better than the set up at the office.

With the model at the office I have to manually pickup the telephone handset to answer or place a call and then manually return the handset to the cradle to terminate the call. With the setup at home with the handset lifter. I can touch a button on the headset to lift the handset or remove the headset from the charger base and it automatically lifts the handset in the process. I can press the button again and the handset it lowered back to the cradle. Voices sound great with this headset and I had to make no volume adjustments on either incoming or outgoing. The headset range is over 300 feet and if I am wearing the headset when the phone rings I get a beep in the headset and then can just the push the headset button to answer the phone.