Surprisingly enough one of the topics of conversation at Weight Watchers meetings is restaurants. The leader of the meeting has suggested several different restaurants. A week or so back she recommended one called the Golden Pig. It is a small Korean restaurant where the owner is the cook and help. I didn’t realize just how small the restaurant was from the description. I decided to give it a try on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My Garmin GPS took me right to the restaurant, but I didn’t recognize it as a restaurant and drove past it. Finally turned around and stopped at a gas station and ask for directions. It was three houses down from the gas station and right where the Garmin said it was located.

There are only two tables and a counter and will only seat about 10 people. They evidently do quite a bit of take out business. When we arrived one of the tables was empty. As we went in I realized that it was going to be real hard to navigate with my walker. However, the patrons were real nice and got up from their seats and moved their chairs out of the way so that I could get in. Not only was the owner real nice and helpful, so were all of her customers. Here are a couple of pictures that I took with my cell phone.


You can see from the pictures just how crowded the restaurant is. The menu was fairly limited but had all of the Korean basics. Tom ordered the spicy squid and I ordered the pork bulgogi and we had a Kimchee Pancake for an appetizer. I thought the food was some of the best Korean food that we have found in the Pittsburgh area. It took about 40 minutes to get there (it is located in Cecil) but worth the drive and we will probably go back again.

After we finished eating we talked to the owner for a while. She pointed out all of the various pigs sitting around and explained that they were brought in by customers. In fact she said all of the vases and other items were brought in by customers. Their hours of operation are from 11am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday and they are closed on Sunday.