Ordered lifetime map updates for my Garmin GPS and received the card a couple of days ago. I connected my GPS to my PC and first applied the firmware updates. That went along fine with no problems. Then I attempted to install the map updates. It eventually fails trying to download the maps to my PC with a message of “An unexpected error has occurred and the program must close. If you continue to experience this contact Garmin customer support.”.

After multiple attempts I finally gave up and sent Garmin support an email. They requested the update log file, which I found and sent them. There response was to uninstall the map updater program then re-install. If that doesn’t work then uninstall and update .net on my PC and then re-install. I have done all of their options and it still continues to fail with the same error messages. I have once again sent an email explaining that there steps do not solve the problem.

I guess I will attempt to actually call them and see what they have to say. This is the first time that I have tried to apply a map update and received any problems in the process. Just received another email with another suggestion. Tried another standalone map update program and it fails also. One thing that they suggested is to try a different PC. My desktop is Windows 7 64bit, so I will try using my work PC which is Windows XP 32bit and see if that makes a difference. I googled for the error messages that show up in the log file and it appears that the messages are from .net. So it is entirely possible that the problem is a .net problem.

The last email that I got from Garmin support had a link to a back level version of the GarminMapUpdater program. Again I followed their directions and again the map download process failed. Then they suggested that there might be a problem with my computer and suggested that I try another computer. The last map update that I did over a year ago was done with my desktop that now fails. I took my GPS and everything to work and tried it on my work computer and it did work there. That PC is running Windows XP professional 32bit. I am not happy that they were unable to resolve the problem with being unable to update using my PC, but I am happy that I have my maps updated.