I had a six month follow up with my Urologist and Oncologist today. Both of them were very happy with the results of the radiation seed implants for the prostate cancer and how I have been doing. Of course that made me very happy that everything seems to be going well.

I had appointments last week with the podiatrist and infectious disease doctor that saw me in the hospital for the infected toe. They were both happy with the progress there as well. The podiatrist was surprised at how well the toe was healing and scheduled the next appointment for three weeks instead of two since it was doing so well. The infectious disease doctor was not quite as happy because there was still some swelling in the toe. However, the infection was much better and he took me off the IV antibiotic with the last dose on Friday night and moved me to an oral antibiotic. Then told me that he did not need to see me again unless the podiatrist thought he needed to look at the toe again. The home health nurse came in Saturday and removed the PICC line from my arm. I have a follow up appointment with my primary care doctor for week after next on the toe infection.

Overall my health seems to be generally improving. I joined weight watchers five or six weeks ago and have been slowly losing weight. By counting points I tend to make healthier choices as well as eating less. I have noticed in the past several weeks that my mobility from the nerve damage in the right leg also seems to be a little better. I can almost go up the stairs at home in a normal fashion rather than going up a step with the left foot and then dragging the right foot up that step. I still have to be careful how I place my right foot on the step so that the heel is fully on the step, otherwise when I put pressure on the foot it tends to slide off the step since I have no muscle control in the ankle. I have also noticed that moving around with the walker is easier, I think that I am almost to the point that I could safely walk with a cane.

The new job is also going well. I still have some connectivity issues that are being worked out. I have been assigned some actual work and turned over some into production with no problems. There is still a lot of procedures and nuances to learn because there are a huge number of CICS systems that we support located in several data centers. Every data centers presently does everything a little different. This means that identical tasks may be implemented differently. Once again I have been very lucky in my job environment in that all of my co-workers are very nice and easy to get along with.

I got my Social Security statement the other day and as I was reading it over I noticed something that I had wrongly assumed. For the past several years I thought that my normal retirement age was 67 but noticed on this one that it was 66. I went back tonight and looked at previous years and they all say 66. This is good news, it means that I can retire a year earlier than I thought that I could. However, if I am still enjoying the job I may continue to work past retirement age and get a larger monthly benefit. After all once I retire Tom will still be working for quite some time.