I am on vacation for the next two weeks, primarily so that I can go to ABC Convergence 2012 in Chicago over Labor Day. I have got most of my preparation ready. According to MapQuest it should be about an 8 hour drive, with Tom along that automatically means at least 10 hours. This will be the first major trip that I have taken since my medical problems started last Thanksgiving. I have been driving with the “Left Foot Accelerator” for nearly a month now and mostly used to the controls.

Occasional problem last a few nights ago when I got in and started the car and my right foot was on the accelerator and I didn’t realize it was there. It does mean that I tend to be a little more cautious in my driving as I want to make sure that my left foot is position correctly on either the accelerator or the brake. That means that I often wait longer to pull out in traffic to make sure that I don’t have to make quick changes from brake or accelerator. All in all it may actually be a good thing that I am more cautious.

I plan to take a lot of photos during convergence and as such have gotten all of my camera batteries charged up. I have the camera equipment packed, and my laptop and Tom’s laptop has been updated with all Windows and anti-virus updates ready for the trip. I have enabled my smartphone to work as a hot spot so that Tom can surf the Internet on his laptop during the trip. I believe that Conference registration included negotiations with the hotel to provide free wireless service to the attendees. However, I can’t find that listed in the information at the present time.