Before we went out for dinner tonight I stopped and showed Tom the new alarm control panel next to the door so he would know how to operate the system. I showed him how to arm and disarm the panel and told him his access code. There is very little difference between the old control panel and the new control panel, if anything it is a little easier to use.

Trying to have a conversation with Tom is always interesting and often frustrating. Here are a few examples from tonight. We went to Red Lobster for dinner tonight because that is where Tom wanted to go. We had a coupon for $10 off on two entree’s, which is a very good deal. So here is the conversation.

Tom: “Let me see the coupon.”

Me: Hand the coupon to Tom.

Tom: Looking at the coupon, “Whats the expiration date?”

Me: “August 6th”

Tom: Hands the coupon back to me, then waits a few minutes. “Let me see the coupon and I will ask the waiter about it.”

Me: Hand the coupon back to Tom

Tom: When the waiter comes back, “Is this coupon good?”

Waiter: “Yes”

Me: After waiter leaves, “Why did you ask the waiter if the coupon is good?”

Tom: “Because it expired June 6th”

Me: “No Tom, it expires August 6th.”

Then after we got home and were going into the house through the basement. The alarm company had switched out the old alarm system for the new improved module with lots of neat features. They left the old alarm panel laying in the basement floor.

Tom: “What is that?”.

Me: “That is the old alarm panel that they replaced with the new panel today.”

Tom: “What is that battery for?”

Me: “That is an old battery from the old alarm panel that I replaced because it was no good.”

Tom: “Is it good?”

This is where I lost it because Tom never listens to anything I ever say. I think I ranted something like “What part of replaced it because it was no good did you not understand!!!”.

Now I can hardly wait until tomorrow afternoon when Tom gets home before I do and sets off the alarm system because he can’t remember how to disarm the system. I will be expecting to get a phone call from him asking what the master code word is so that the alarm company will not dispatch the police. Although that word has not changed since we have had the alarm system installed several years back.