After the Supreme court ruled the healthcare law as valid there have been a lot of people on Facebook complaining. Most of them are passing along photos with Republican slogans talking about how bad “Obamacare” is. I replied to a couple of friends and ask them “What is it specifically that you don’t like about the healthcare law?”. One of them replied “I do not like anything about it”, I guess he does not understand the meaning of “specifically”. Most of the people are complaining about the law and do not have a clue as to what the law says or when the various provisions go into effect.

Like all laws there are some things that I am not real happy about, but overall it is the largest advance in US healthcare that I can ever remember. I don’t think the Republicans want to talk about any facts of the law, only want to stress the fact that people will be forced to buy insurance (without explaining what that really means) and are trying to hype it up so that hopefully a Republican president can be elected. We certainly don’t need a president that is all for outsourcing the few remaining US jobs.

Here is a direct quote from another blog that I read “In 2011 United Helathcare, Wellpoint, Aetna and Humana paid out roughly $172 billion to doctors, hospitals and drug companies, but they charged us an additional $58 billion for the right to do it. If it had all been handled directly by single payer healthcare like Medicare the administrative cost wouldn’t have been $58 billion, but more like $4 billion. These private insurance companies tack on about 33% for profit and administration on average, while Medicare tacks on roughly 2%. Certainly the argument could be made that the government has an advantage here in that they pretty much just do what they want, but as long as it accrues to our benefit, so what?”.