Yesterday was my first day back to work where that I went into the office. Everything went better than I was expecting. I had been dreading my first day back as sitting up tends to cause my right hip to start hurting and when it starts hurting the right leg tends to go numb. The office chair was a lot more comfortable that I thought it would be. There were a few times when my hip started hurting but getting the walker and going to the restroom seemed to be enough relief from sitting to eliminate the problem. The worst period of the day was going to the cafeteria and sitting in the wheelchair. I eventually transferred from the wheelchair to one of the straight chairs in the cafeteria and that was much better than the wheelchair. I am working from home the rest of this week and then next week I am planning to work in the office on Tuesday and Thursday.

I think that I probably ended up walking with the walker about four times as much as I do when at home. Therefore when I got home I was pretty tired and hurting from the additional exercise. Most of the pain was gone by this morning and now I am just slightly more tired than normal.