It took over  four weeks for the body shop to get my car repaired, but I finally got it back today. It seems that GM is not doing a very good job of supplying repair parts for Saturn vehicles. The body shop actually had to get one of the parts from a Canadian dealer who had the part in stock. GM certainly hasn’t done anything in the past several years to encourage me to ever buy another GM product.

The body shop seems to have done a good job. My Saturn VUE looks good and I can’t tell by looking that it has been wrecked. It also drives and handles good. I was a little concerned about the alignment but it seems to drive straight and doesn’t lead if you take your hands of the wheel. One of the delays is that after the service manager did a test drive he had them redo the alignment.

They are forecasting snow for tonight so I am really glad to have my car back. My car is AWD and the rental that I had wasn’t. The rental had weird problems on wet pavement where when you started moving one of the wheels would spin and then grab making really bad noise. This was really pronounced when you were starting up on a hill and the road was wet.