This is my first post since I posted the picture of the first of the snow storm that we got in February. It has been a hectic couple of months and I think that I am finally recuperating. The first two weeks of the snow storm was spent almost entirely in working, shoveling snow and resting. It took Tom and I two days of shoveling snow to finally  get one of the vehicles to where we could get it out. Then because it kept snowing and there were additional areas that needed to be cleared it seemed that the only thing that I did for two weeks was go to work, shovel snow before and/or after work, Tom and I would go out to eat, and rest. I wasn’t used to that much physical labor and didn’t feel like doing anything else.

Two week ends after the first snow we finally had a friend with a snow plow on a four wheel drive pickup that got caught up with his regular customers and could come by and help expand the clearing of the driveway. That week end we finally got Tom’s car out and a parking spot cleared for it close to the highway.  The afternoon after we got most of the driveway cleared I was doing some shoveling on a steep part of the driveway and stepped on an icy spot. Needless to say I ended up on my butt with a major bruise and very painful for a couple of days. This meant for the next week although no longer physically tired I hurt to much to do anything other than work and rest. By the end of the week I was feeling pretty good.

The next weekend I was unloading a gas can and had other things in my other hand. I closed the car, picked up the gas can, turned towards the garage and the next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground with the breath knocked out of me. It happened so fast I am not even sure what happened. Eventually managed to set the gas can up and managed to get up. My right hand and knee was hurt a little but not that bad. We have a snow plow that goes on the riding lawn mower that is good for about a foot of snow. Once we got the driveway cleared it worked pretty good for keeping the fresh snow plowed. The next morning after falling Tom and I were out clearing the latest snow fall. He as shoveling around his car as he was getting ready to go fill his car up with gas. I was on the mower clearing the driveway. I was backing up next to a snow drift and evidently got too close, one of the rear wheels started up the snow bank and the mower turned over before I knew what was happening or had a chance to react. Luckily there is a safety switch on the seat so once I fell off it cut the engine off. The bad part is that not only did I end up on the ground one of the levers on the mower ended up on top of my right knee. I managed to get out from under the mower and Tom saw what happened and ran down and helped me get up. I later looked at the snow bank and the mower went from level to turned over within 4 feet. Even though I was going real slow while backing up it only took seconds for it to turn over. My knee and leg was severely bruised and swollen for four or five days. In fact it was swollen so much that it hurt to bend my leg, it was extremely hard to bend my knee enough to get in and out of the car.

After about five days a lot of the swelling was gone and most of the black and blue was gone. That is when I noticed that the knee and leg felt hot to my touch and was red. I made an appointment with the doctor and he diagnosed it as cellulitus and prescribed an infection medicine. For the past three weeks I have been going to the doctor twice a week for him to check on the condition. It has been getting steadily better but still had an infection, thus the doctor kept extending the prescription. Today when I went to the doctor it was about the same as it had been on Monday. The doctor was not very happy with this and considered hospitalizing me. Instead he decided that if the scab on the knee was removed it might help clear up the infection. So he sent me to a surgeon to remove the scab. The surgeon looked at my knee and said there was a hematoma there. He removed the scab and the hematoma and drained lots of bloody fluid from the knee. Since hematoma’s are often associated with fractures he decided it should be x-ray’d just to make sure there wasn’t a fracture even though it has been four weeks since it happened. Today was really hectic, visits to two different doctors and a trip to the hospital for x-rays. I finally made it to work at 3:30 this afternoon as there were a few things that had to be done at work, even though I put the whole day down as a sick day.

Regardless of all of the happenings today I actually feel pretty good. My knee doesn’t hurt much and I can walk and bend it without any pain. I have this large bandage on it to collect drainage where the scab and hematoma was removed. So as bad as it sounds it is still much better than it was. One of the worse parts of today was when Tom saw the hole in my leg where the hematoma formed and I had to listen to him give me a lecture about taking better care of myself.