I went to my 40th High School reunion this past week end. I have been to the majority of the reunions that have been held by the class over the years. Most of them have been alright but nothing real special one way or another. This one was spread over three days, first a cookout on Friday night at a class members home, second on Saturday a golf outing at Quail Creek Golf Resort and then a dinner at the golf resort on Saturday evening, and last a Sunday morning breakfast and devotional at golf resort.

This is the second reunion that Tom has gone to with me. The fact that Tom is more social than I am tends to help me have a better time. I had decided before the reunion that this would probably be the last one that I attended, and I attended this one because there were a couple of classmates that I knew were attending that I really wanted to see. Surprisingly I had a really good time at the reunion, I believe that it was the most enjoyable reunion that I have attended.

My father had decided that he wanted a computer, so I acquired one and set everything up before making the trip. Then since he lives about seventy miles from the reunion location I carried everything down to install. We arrived in Hartselle around midnight on Thursday. Drove to Iuka, MS and spent several hours putting the computer desk together, hooking up the computer and getting the DSL gateway active for him. The computer came with a printer and we got it hooked up but I didn’t have time to get the drivers installed and tested before having to go back to Hartselle for the reunion. The cookout of course was outside and I am definitely not use to the heat and humidity so the first hour or so I was literally burning up. After the sun went down it got a lot better, but we still left fairly early. Between all of the driving, heat and running round setting up computers I was totally exhausted Friday night.

Saturday morning we got up and ate. Tom decided to stay in Hartselle and surf the internet and check email at the hotel while I went back to Iuka to finish up my dad’s computer. Sometime Friday night my dad knocked the phone off his bed pulling the phone and DSL loose. He plugged everything back up and neither the phone or DSL worked. I checked everything and it looked to be connected correctly. However, I disconnected everything, checked the connections, and then reconnected everything and it all started working again. I quickly got the printer driver installed and finished testing everything. Drove back to Hartselle and made a quick stop to visit some friends and then headed back to the Hotel for the reunion.

Overall the trip was very good, just too rushed. I am in the middle of a large project at work and could not take any more time off. There are friends that we have in Huntsville that I would liked to have visited and a Korean restaurant in Huntsville that Tom and I both like a lot. But there just wasn’t time to do all of the things that I would have liked to have done on the trip. Perhaps we will go back to Hartselle during Christmas and try to have time to visit more.