My Mom has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks with no expectations for recovery. I got a phone call early this morning from my younger brother that she passed away late Saturday night. I have a doctor appointment in the morning, so Tom and I will leave for Alabama after getting off from work tomorrow. The funeral is Wednesday afternoon, with viewing at the funeral home on Tuesday night. Mom was 90 this past January and has had a relatively good life. She was not in pain during her hospital stay, so that was a good thing. I talked to my dad this afternoon and it sounded like he was doing good.

I spent a couple of hours last night updating the family genealogy and at the time had the thought that there are some things that my mom could answer about family history. Then realized that she would never recover enough to answer any of those questions. The good thing is that I went to visit her in the hospital a few days after she was admitted. According to my brother, the first day I was there she was more coherent than she had been at any time since being admitted. So I had a really good visit with her.