The Pittsburgh Gay Pride Parade was today. Tom and I made it downtown in time for the parade and I took a couple of hundred pictures there. Posted them on my Flickr account, you are welcome to check them out if you are interested.  The parade route was a little shorter than in previous years, however I believe that the parade itself was larger. Maybe more people are interested in marching if there is a shorter distance to march. This year they have three blocks downtown on Liberty Ave blocked off for all of the activities and vendor booths. The location was only a few blocks from where I work so it made parking and getting to the events rather easy for us. 

There had been a discussion on BiggerCity about Gay Pride Parades and how many people thought they were a detriment to the gay cause because of the way people dress and act. I spent about an hour watching the people stroll by at the various vendor booths and was amazed at how normal the majority of the people were dressed. I would say about 70% of the people could have been at any outdoor event. There were less than 1% of the people that dress in any outrageous way, and some of those I certainly enjoyed looking at them. The other 30% or so were dressed pretty normal other than wearing rainbow colors or T-Shirts with some type of pride sayings. I don’t necessary appreciate public displays of affection. The only thing that I saw close was a couple of young boys holding hands walking down the street, and I probably would not have noticed that if I had not been checking them out.