I got up Saturday morning and went into my office to use my PC and it was dead. The power light was on but otherwise appeared to be dead. Held the power button in until it powered off and then tried to power back on, no use. It appears that the power supply died on it again, happened about two and a half years ago. The strange thing is that I can still plug my cell phone to the USB port and it charges even with the power off. The PC is a HP Pavillion 525W that takes a physically small power supply. The last time it went out I tried to replace the power supply with a larger wattage power supply and none of them will fit. It requires ordering an OEM power supply that is only 250 watts, which just isn’t enough power. Right after getting the machine I added an additional hard drive and a DVD writer. I generally have multiple USB devices plugged in and all of that probably sucks up too much power.

I was pretty sure that it was the power supply, so I ordered a new one on Monday. It arrived today and I swapped the power supply out tonight. Sure enought when I got everything back together it works just fine again. In the process I removed the DVD drive leaving only the DVD writer, after all I never used the DVD drive. So maybe that little less drain will help. I probably should have pulled the modem out while I had it apart as I never use the modem. It has been a good machine other than having to replace the power supply twice the only other problem has been memory. I added an additional memory stick several years back and it worked fine for several months and then died. It had a life time warranty and they replaced it with no questions asked and the memory has been fine ever since.

I have had the machine for over five years and keep thinking about replacing it, however it works fine for what I use it for. The two biggest problems with getting a new machine is installing all of the software that I have on the machine and then transferring all of the files. Transferring the files would probably not be too bad as I have a 2TB NAS server that I back everything up to. The last time I had to reinstall all of the software was after a virus several years back. That took several days and I have added additional software since then.

Oh well, I should have gone to bed several hours ago. I guess that I will close this journal and get some sleep, after all I would not want to be later than normal for work tomorrow.