This is our second day in Ft Lauderdale at the East Coast Conference. Both of us are having a great time. Tom has gone to a nude beach with a couple of friends. He hasn’t gotten back yet so I don’t know if he had a good time or not. As I walked back to the hotel room to log on to the internet there is thunder and lightning and fairly heavy rain. I am sure I will hear all of the details once Tom gets back. I spent the past couple of hours acting as bar tender in the hospitality suite, that is a great way to meet people. I have been trying to look at their name tags and calling them by their name. Luckily it has been rather slow in the hospitality as people are out doing other things.

The welcome reception last night was rather interesting. They had several different types of finger foods along with a pasta bar and coffee bar. One of the finger foods were ribs, which I didn’t think much of but tried a couple anyway. I was pleasantly surprised, they were cooked really well, had a great sauce, and were very tender. It was very nice, we sat around and talked and had a good time.

After living in Pittsburgh for the past five years I had sort of forgotten about high humidity. Unfortunately I have been reminded how much I dislike the humidity. I walked out to the pool party last night to take a few pictures. The weather was rather nice and as I went to take the first picture I could hardly see to focus the camera because the lens was fogged up so bad.