Tom was complaining that his XM radio is no longer working and could I activate it again. So I go the XM radio account page and request a refresh signal be sent to his radio. It comes up with his nice blurb that you need to have the radio on within the next three hours and how to refresh by scrolling through the channels. So Tom starts this tirade about how ridiculous that is, he is going to bed now. That it is ridiculous for them to expect someone to use their radio within the next three hours of activation and that he never had to do that before.

It highly pisses me off that every time I do something for him he bitches and complains because people expect him to be reasonable. He thinks the entire world is suppose to revolve around him and his whims. He acts like it is my personal fault what some companies policy is, yet he is too lazy to do anything for himself. He never looks anything up on the internet but expects someone else to do it for him. When he travel he refuses to find any flight information. After I find flights and check to see if they are satisfactory with him and book the tickets, then when it time for the flight he bitches about the time of the flight. It is immaterial that I asked him to look at the flights before I booked them. I have had a sinus headache for the past two days and when I feel bad it is not a good time to piss me off.

He sent me an email from work today to remind me of the vacation time he is taking off for the East Coast Conference. It is not like I haven’t already booked the airline tickets after confirming them with him, made the hotel reservations, created a trip itinerary (on TripIt) complete with flight information and hotel information, gave him a printed copy, and shared the TripIt trip with him.