For those who travel and have friends that travel there are multiple web sites out to help track your travels and the travels of your friends. I subscribe to two of them and will briefly describe them here. I am sure that all of them will get better as people use them and make suggestions.

One is Dopplr (strange name) that is good for letting you view your friends travel and them view your travel. The thing that it has missing is being able to build all of the details of your schedule. Its strong point is matching you and your friends up to possible connections that you make. You can add notes about your trip, which means that your itinerary information can be included in a note. Not near as user friendly as that provided by TripIt. Dopplr allows you to share information with your friends and turn the sharing on and off at your whim. It doesn’t have the option of sharing some trips and not others, this might be an issue with some people.

Another site is TripIt that is good for building your schedule but not so good at searching for friends trips. TripIt allows you to forward confirmation emails for hotels, airlines, and etc and it automatically picks up the itinerary information and adds it to your trip. When all of the information has been collected you and others you share the information with can view the information online. It also allows you to print your itinerary in a nice format and includes all of the flights and times, hotel and confirmation numbers. TripIt also has extra features for business travelers and travel arrangers. TripIt requires you to share individual trip information with other people, unlike Dopplr you cannot just automatically share trip information with all friends. Although your friends can see the cities you will be in and the dates, they can only see the trip details if specifically shared. TripIt is still in Beta and appears to have a limit of 5 friend connections, whereas Dopplr does not have a limit.

The good thing about this is there are several friends that I rarely see and if our trips coincide it would be nice to know and perhaps hook up for a short visit. Right now to get all of the benefits you have to duplicate your trip information to multiple locations. People who travel should try out some of the sites and see what they think.