You ever notice how problems and opportunities come in groups. For example you can be at work for days and get no phone calls. Eventually you get a phone call and while you are talking on the work phone your cell phone rings. You go to a restaurant that is relatively empty and by the time the waiter is getting your order the place is filled and all of the wait staff is extremely busy.

A couple of months ago a friend visits me at work. Very little has gone at work for the previous couple of days and that day was rather boring. Within 10 minutes of him showing up I get a phone call and a minor crisis occurs which requires my full attention. I work in technical support of a teleprocessing monitor. Things have been relatively quiet for a few days and we were turning over a production program this morning that required some intensive testing as soon as it was turned over. As soon as we started the testing a major crisis occurred, thus we had two important things to do at the same time. While all of this is going on I get a couple of cell phone calls from my dad who lives 700 miles away and almost never calls me during the day time.

So it seems that no matter what your occupation that the work load is rarely evenly distributed. There are periods with almost nothing to do and periods with hardly a chance to take a rest room break.