You would think that with it being almost March that the snow would be disappearing. I have made it all season without put the snow plow on the riding lawn mower. However, it appears that I am finally going to have to put it on this late in the season. We have gotten more snow on the ground now than we have all winter.

I have been reading other peoples blogs about all of the snow they have gotten. Every time I have read them I have thought to myself “How lucky we are that it keeps going just north of us”. I guess that my time has come. So far we have managed to just shovel the driveway a couple of times, but I think there is going to be too much to shovel in the morning.

The worst part of putting the snow plow on is removing the mower deck. For that you have to lay on the ground on each side of the mower to get to the attachment pins. Laying on a cold concrete floor is no fun at all. I suppose that I should just go ahead and remove the mower deck in the fall after I have mowed the lawn for the last time.