I went back to Alabama to visit my parents this week end. It is extremely bad to get so old that you can no longer take care of yourself. My parents are almost to that point, yet they don’t want to discuss moving to an assisted living place or a nursing home. Their house is almost so messy that I can’t stand stay there when I go to visit. Then I feel guilty for not visiting them any more often than what I do.

I have discussed the situation with my brother and neither of us know what we should do. Thus we do nothing other than worry about the health of our parents. My mom made the comment this week that if they went to an assisted living place it would take all of their savings and then they would not have anything to leave to their children. Can’t get across to them that their children would prefer that they take care of themselves rather than worrying about leaving an inheritance to children. I guess the only thing to do is to honor their request about living in their own home, regardless of the mess.