Yesterday my significant other called me at work to ask if I had seen his car keys. Of course the answer was no, and he continued with this long explanation of how he could not find them when he went to work and had to use the emergency key in his wallet. I told him that I would help him look for them when I got home. We both knew that the last time he had them was Saturday afternoon.

So sure enough when I got home about two hours later I spent about 30 minutes looking for his keys. I looked at all of the places he normally visits in the house, even looking under the bed and furniture in the bed room to no avail. I finally wandered downstairs and begin looking in the not so normal places. Finally wondered into the dining room and there is a city map spread all over the dining table. I was surprised to see it there and peeked under the map, sure enough there were his keys.

So as I carry them through the kitchen to hang them on the hook next to the door where he always places them, he saw me with them. His immediate response was “I knew you did it!”. No Thank You, no I am glad you found them, just an accusation that I hid them for an April Fool’s joke. To say the least I was instantly infuriated. He immediately tried to cover up by saying that he was just kidding, but that is what he always does. Everytime he screws up with something he says, his response is always that he was kidding. I think the thing that is the most infuriating about that is he believes that I am stupid enough to believe him.

He fixed dinner last night because he brought home some salad that was left over from an event they had at work. Fixing baked fish and steamed vegetables to go with the salad. The fish as usual was extremely over cooked and covered in red pepper so that it was so hot I could hardly tolerate the heat. It has only been a couple of months since he fixed a meal that was so spicy that I could not eat the entree. He can not understand that everyone does not like everything exactly like he does. It does not matter what I say about his cooking, the next time it is still the same.

You would think that after ten years he would have some clue as to a few of my preferences.