I recently spent two weeks of vacation touring Yellowstone National Park and various other National Parks. During this trip I spent a lot time driving through Wyoming and viewing those snow fences along the roadway. 

I don’t remember for sure that it was a snow fence that Matthew was tied to and left to die, however when I saw the snow fences that was the first thought that came to my mind. The parts of Wyoming that I drove through were extremely isolated. I could drive for miles without seeing another person, vehicle, or home. I cannot imagine the feeling that Matthew must have felt being left on a fence to die all alone. I had this eerie feeling all the time that I was driving through Wyoming and just wanted to get out of the state. 

I only wish I could be there when Matthew Shepherd’s assailants are trying to explain to Saint Peter their actions that day. 

Fred Phelps should take his crusaders to Wyoming and view the sights that I saw. And spend a little time there thinking about the Golden Rule. However, I have little hope that Fred Phelps has enough compasion to ever stop and think that he might be wrong. Seeing Phelps’ web site GodHatesFags.com parading the pictures of their kids and their T-Shirts reminds me of Hilter’s Youth programs in Germany. If you read through Phelps’ web site you would think that God hates everyone except for Fred Phelps, the man definitely has a Hitler complex.